What are the activities and services provided by ToursMarket ?

Promotion and marketing of all types of legitimate tourism programs

Support and assist the newly established travel and tourism offices in promoting their tourism programs

Book tickets online for all destinations

Booking tourist programs online

Blog to enrich site visitors with knowledge in the field of tourism and travel

What does ToursMarket guarantee for you ?

Special and competitiveprices for the most important hotels, transportation, and other travel and tourism facilities as well as the ability for tailoringyour own tour package at the lowest price compared to other platforms.

Providing high quality tourism services and products in a pleasant tourist atmosphere, with care and concern, creating the satisfaction of all customers.

Fast response, interaction and flexibility in dealing with customer requirements and inquiries, whether they are companies, individuals, groups or brokers.

Providing fast communication with our 24/7 customer service center

Full compliance with all official agreements and conversations exchanged with customers and clients during the procedures and the completion of all requests to the fullest, whatever is the circumstances of any of our services.

What facilities does ToursMarket provide for individuals with a limited financial capabilities during the booking process ?

Provide the best offers exclusivelyto those with a limited financical capaibilities and there are other facilities we will disciose on time upon your request .

If the customer did not receive the booking confirmation, even though the amount was calculated, what should he do ?

If the confirmation page does not appear after payment, we recommend checking your email or send usa feedback message,if this service is available on the mobile, we will send you a confirmation message on email as well as SMS message on your mobile in case you did not receive the message please contact via email … …. so that we can send the confirmation details back to you.

Does tours market offer different offers, how to benefit from it ?

ToursMarket offers rare product and services, and providedifferent kind of tour packages, which means  that we meet the client’s desire, preferences, requests, hobby and Motivation ofchoosing the tour package.

I was late in hotel’s checking out time (+)12:00 p.m Does the company bear the delay fee ?

In this case, the international rules will be in term of use, ToursMarket will not be subject to any delay charge imposed by the hotel due to your delay in the room checking out beyond the official check out time.

Why do I book my seat or tour pakage with ToursMarket not with an airline company or my favorite travel agency ? What is difference ?

Airline companies are specialized in booking  seats on flights only and do not offer tour packages, travel and tourism offices are seeking to achieve the highest percentage of profit through the money that you will pay for a your tour package with them, they do not have all kind of tour packages, and because of the limited tour packages which is offered by them, you will have to choose a package that does not satisfy your ambition, desires,  goal and financial capabilities. But the matter is totally different with ToursMarket which will provide you all kinds of tour packages with a competitive prices.

Can you provide me with the best booking prices ?

Prices are depending on many factors, it is changed every second and minute automatically, ToursMarket compares all prices which is provided by most of the booking web sites and finds the cheapest and most recent prices for you. All what is required from  you is to click here www.toursmarket.tours and start your search or send us a feedback and we will manage your booking personally.

Is my data safe and secured? What kind of security you provide ?

We maintain the confidentiality of the data for all our customers, whether buyer, seller or a broker. we are an officially licensed company, carry out all tourism services for customers and save their privacy.

Is (3D Secure) available at ToursMarket ?

Upon completing a transaction from your bank account, you will be required to confirm the account by receiving a valid one time password only.

How can I check all of my bookings ?

To check all bookings you have made, we recommend that you visit the Join or Login  section using the login ID and password and in the same section you can also find the cancellation policy, make a printed documents or send and share booking information through SMS and emails to other social networking  Apps. It is necessary to subscribe to the site by creating your own account, this helps to preserve all procedures and actions you have taken.

Do you charge any fees for booking cancellations ?

It depends on the date and the season when the cancellation will be made.

We are a small company with a limited budget, we want to promote our services globally through your website, what is the cooperation mechanism ?

First you have to kindly sign up for your own account on our website, then contact our customer services agent,he/she will advise and guide you to all the procedures and requirements.

What are the advertising options on the ToursMarke.com ?

To find out all the available options and offers, please contact us from share your feedback section  or call the Customer Service Center by dialing +971509445414 they will provide you all available offers.

Do you have the possibility of WhatsApp sharing ?

Yes, in each section of our website there is a button for sharing via WhatsApp. Click on the green WhatsApp bottom in each section , topic , program , article , photo , video , and then share it easily.

Can I refund my ticket ?

If the refund is restricted by the origin airline company or travel and tourism office, them  we will not be able to refund your booking , but in regular wise most of the bookings are refundable unless if it is not restricted.

Are there any special services for special abilities (disabled individuals) ?

Yes, regarding the seats booking, tour packages and transportation , we took into consideration this category of customers who need special care . you can specify your requirements and it will be implemented by us.

Are there services for alderly and sick travelers ?

Yes, regarding the seats booking, tour packages and transportation , we took into consideration this category of customers who need special care . you can specify your requirements and it will be implemented by us .

In the long transit time between two flights. will you provide hotel accommodation ?

Depends on the concerned airline’s rules.



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