Halal Tourism around the world

Forms of tourism have varied and become beyond the general and common concept. It is no more just males females gathering beaches and soft and alcoholic drinks, but a new form of tourism has been appeared recently, which is known as ” Halal tourism” or ” Islam and Muslims friendly tourism  “. It is clear […]

World Spring Festivals

Spring festival’s around the world Spring season, with its boom and renewal, is celebrated all over the world in special festivals. Vibrant marches, special cakes, flowers of different colours, and strawberries, one of the most important symbols of spring, are all part of many of the events that characterise this period. Holi Festival – India […]

Muscat Festivals 2018

18 January – 10 February 2018 Since its first launch in 1998, the Muscat Festival has proved to be more than just a festive, cultural and artistic event, or an entertainment forum in which all civilizations are intertwined and where all its activities speak in all languages. It also has another charm, and it has […]

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