Valentine’s Day tour trip

On February 14, every year, a large number of people celebrate the Valentine’s Day, exchanging greeting cards, gifts, colorful flowers, especially the red roses, and various kind of sweets with their beloved ones and lovers to express love and their feelings for their beloved ones. Like all other days of the year, people celebrate this occasion with love, passion and happiness. They make their money and energy to prove their love to their fans, friends, relatives and beloved ones.

The origin of the name of Valentine’s Day comes from an old story of the old-time pastor Valentin in Rome. Some historical books have mentioned the story of the pastor Valentin, who was persecuted at that time and passed through many events which led him to the execution.

The celebration has developed and many people are inventing many ways for the happiness of those who love them, including preparation of a vacation to places where there is lots of rest and recreation of amazing new places which is quiet romantic so they can achieve what they want in this occasion.

We have chose many destinations that are famous of their romantic and quiet atmosphere and are considered suitable destinations for spending such an occasion, especially since it coincides with a season that is still considered cold, and as most of the cities are still cold and snowy.

The Arab countries, the #Indian Ocean islands, some #African, #Asian and #Caribbean countries are a very appropriate #destination to spend such a beautiful #occasion.

Venice – Italy:

Most travel and tourism experts explain that Venice is very perfect for lovers and on the Valentine’s day you can find many competitive offers for the most romantic hotels and things to do in Venice.

Maldives islands:

It is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world, for good reason. Guests can expect stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, unparalleled snorkeling, gorgeous rustic-chic villas over the water or on the sand, and fine dining

Bali – Indonesia:

With its laid-back atmosphere and dreamy landscapes, Bali is the perfect destination for any romantic getaway. There are many activities for lovebirds to do in Bali.


Whenever love is in the air, no matter where you are, the atmosphere changes and fuses to your mood. Whether being in a bus, in your hotel room or admiring a magnificent sunset from your villa, Mauritius remains one of the most romantic islands on earth.

Santorini – Greece:

If Casanova had been immortal, perhaps he would be living in Santorini today. Santorini is an island famous for its breathtaking views of golden evening light cast on whitewashed, blue-topped houses. The small, crescent-shaped island hugs a volcanic caldera that you can visit. North of Crete, and almost equidistant between the Greek and Turkey coastlines, Santorini is the very suitable place for spending the valetine’s day vacation.

And much more destinations such a:

Goa – India

Zanzibar – Tanzania

Jamaica – The Caribbean

Dubai – UAE

Marrakech – Morocco

Sharm El-Sheikh – Egypt

Lombok – Indonesia

Wishing you a life full of love and #HAPPY_VALENTINES_DAY

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