Travel Insurance – Definitions and Types


Travel Insurance is defined as an insurance type  given to people who travel, covering the losses resulting from accidents that may occur to the traveler during his travel, including payment for any medical treatment, or the loss of money and property during travel.

Travel insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that some people may not resort to unless they are forced by the country to which they go, despite its role in preserving the traveler’s property and luggage, even protecting him/her from any possible risk could happen to him/her.

Types of travel insurance

Travel always involves many risks, such as injury to disease, exposure to a specific accident, or loss and theft of property, in addition to other accidents, so travel insurance provides assistance to reduce financial losses related to these lost, and there are five main types of travel insurance, which are:

Aviation insurance:

It is a life insurance policy in the event of a plane crash during traveling on board a flight.

Baggage insurance:

This type of insurance covers passengers luggage in the event of delay, loss, or damage during the trip, with some exceptions to the price of expensive jewelry or electronics.

Flight Cancellation Insurance:

This type covers expenses resulting from canceling the flight for unexpected reasons; Such as health problems, accidents, and bad weather, covering the non-refundable fees paid for getting the flight.

Medical Insurance:

It provides discounts for the international travelers, who are not covered by their health insurance outside the country, to cover the traveler’s health care expenses.

Evacuation insurance:

This type covers the cost of transporting a traveler to a medical facility for emergency treatment, as some of these types may cover dangerous sports activities such as skydiving.

Buying a travel insurance:

Travel insurance varies according to cost, exceptions, and insurance coverage, as coverage may be available for one trip; To cover the journey of people who travel from time to time, or multiple travel; Which provides coverage for many trips within one year, so that one trip does not exceed thirty days, or annual travel; Which provides coverage for a full year, so the buyer must be familiar with all insurance terms before purchasing it, and it is worth noting that the premiums depend in addition to the period of coverage on its type, the age of the traveler, the destination of the trip, in addition to the cost of the trip.

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