Tourism Destinations in Europe for 2020 Must be in the Bucket List

According to the DW Arabia evaluation, which provided the best 5 tourism destinations which would be suitable for tourist trips during 2020 and they are as follows:

First: Lille – France:

It is chosen as a city of distinctive architectural designs for the year 2020, for the confluence of its beautiful old traditional architectural style with the modern creative architectural designs which gave this city a unique beauty creates a kind of diversity worth visiting.

Second: Salzburg – Austria:

Being the birthplace of the great musician Mozart, and because of its large quantity of arts and international masterpieces, it must be placed on the list of cities that must be visited in 2020, especially for art and music lovers in the world, as the main reason of why it is necessary to be visited during 2020 is the centenary of Salzburg Festival, where the city will be thrived with the classic concerts, which would be considered as a fertile haven for all kind of music lovers in the world, as well as theatrical performances, seminars and literary studies.

Third: European capitals of culture 2020.

It is shared between:

Rijeka – Croatia

The first European cultural capital

As it has so far received only a national fame, it is possible that you as a tourist, can contribute to making it internationally, especially after it was chosen as the capital of European culture 2020, and one of its most famous landmarks is the wonderful historical city center.

Galway – Ireland:

The second European cultural capital

It is famous for its nightlife and hosts various types of arts, which is attracted by the talented youth of the world.

Fourth: Bonn – Germany:

Bonn will celebrate the 250th birth anniversary of the world’s most famous musician Beethoven, with concerts and numerous art galleries.

Fifth place: Urbino – Italy:

It is as beautiful as Tuscany is, but quieter and less crowded. Drawing lovers will find their refuge in the amazing paintings of the famous painter Raphael, whose works is dated back to the Renaissance days.

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Suhair Anwar Khan

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