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One of the most important features of economic prosperity in any country is the urban and real estate development. Major real estate projects have moved the economy of the counties by forcefully pumping lots of money into real estate markets.

Developers of the Real Estate projects are always striving to make their business successful in many ways. They use the largest expertise in the urban areas and the services that accompany it in order to create attractive offers for these projects, including beyond imagination services, facilities and offers of the Real Estate  . This competition has evolved to reach the level of a Global Competition. Countries are competing with each other in the field of Real Estate in order to create the best climate, offers and profits.

Real Estate boom is developing the other related industries, directly or indirectly, such as the construction and building materials trading, the Travel and Tourism industries,  services, retail sectors, educational and health sectors, and even the transportation and communications sectors.

The real estate Industry absorbs the largest proportion of workers, And thus contribute to the reduction of the unemployment levels in the countries. Among all these industries the Travel and Tourism industry also influenced by the Real Estate Development where a new type of tourism called Real Estate Tourism has been activated and will be mentioned in details  in the second part of this article

According to the international economic reports and statics, the UAE is one of the most competitive countries in this field on the global level basis and this is very clear through the tremendous urban development happened in the United Arab Emirates, which was the main reason for the rush of many who are interested in the Real Estate and property investment by buying apartments, villas or Offices or full buildings as for personal uses because of the high standard of luxurious life offered in the UAE or use it in a commercial or investment project due to the amazing facilities which is provided by the UAE government  for all nationalities who are seeking investment and business prosperity.

The Real Estate interests of the UAE have also been followed by the Real Estate Annual Exhibition which is the biggest Real Estate sales platform in the Middle East and GCC which held in Dubai – UAE for both the local and the international Real Estate market.

According to what was mentioned in the beginning of this article, one of the most affected industries because of the Real Estate development is Travel and Tourism, this huge development caused appearing or developing of an important aspect kind of tourism which is called the Real Estate Tourism, so let us talk in details about this type of tourism.

Definition of the Real Estate Tourism :

Is one of the important  sectors of tourism, customers of this kind of tourism are very interested in the Real Estate, this interest made companies starting to organize tour packages in cooperation with the and professional and specialized tourism offices in order identifying buyers who are interested in the Real Estate to visit the projects and check all types of Real Estate and previewing it by themselves  and personally.

This type of tourism has been spread a lot recently due to the huge development in the Real Estate Market worldwide and many countries are interested in it, especially after the appearance of a type of customers from Arab and foreign countries who are interested in the acquisition of Real Estate in various countries, especially in the economic and tourism developed countries.

The customer’s interest in the quality of the Real Estate varies according to the economic level of each country and the nature and weather of each country in addition to the facilities offered in the Real Estate ownership whether for individual uses or who are intended to use it in their business development such as opening new projects, companies and investments.

The cost of the tour package at the beginning is calculated on the client’s expenses who wants to buy the property and if it is agreed buying a property, the cost of the tour package is deducted from the total bought property value.

Real Estate Tour Packages :

The customer who wants to purchase the property must preview his needs closely and inspect all the conditions surrounding the property in terms of location, services provided and all other available facilities. If he is not satisfied with the property, there might be a quick alternatives to be produced according to the specifications, requirements and conditions of the customer’s choice.

So it is a Tour Trip with a marketing and sales goals.

Where The Real Estate Tourism Established and Developed :

First emerged in the United States and Canada then developed into the European countries which are famous and spectacular with its nature and touristic places and are among the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Recently, its reputation has spread to sweep to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the rest of the Gulf States, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean countries and islands.

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