The Honeymoon islands – Maldives

The Maldives – which is located in the northern Indian Ocean and consists of 1190 very small islands the capital Malé – is a heaven on earth between land, sea and sky as described by everyone who has visited it.

It is the perfect vacation destination to those who are seeking for the virgin nature, beautiful islands, charming beaches and endless fish and seafood resources.

It is one of the favorite destinations for photography and video making, taking rest in beach resorts which treat visitors as kings/queens of the age by providing rest, beauty and the pleasure, lovers of mesmerizing  places (landscapes – seascapes) and nature.

It is the paradise to couples who are seeking for the best romantic journey.

People of Maldives:

Maldives has an ethnically diverse population. Dhivehi’s form the largest ethnic group and are genetically related to Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs, Malays and Africans.

The people are very simple, hospitable, kind-hearted helpful and family-oriented people, proud of their culture, history, customs and traditions.

They are successfully adapted modern lifestyles without compromising on their tradition, they have generosity, warmth and good ethics so they are not hesitating to meet and contact with new people from different countries or religions.

When you visit a Maldivian home, you will be greeted with delicious snacks and coconut drink. The traditional attire of Maldives consists of ‘libaas’ for women and ‘sarongs’ for men.


  • Dhivehi.
  • English.

Climate/Best time to visit:

The climate is tropical monsoon with 2 distinct seasons:

  • The dry season (November to April) 25 – 29 C
  • The wet season (May to October) 28 0 29 C (the best and cheapest)

How to reach Maldives:

  • Air: Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.
  • Buses are available for transportation between different places in the islands.

 Hotels and Accommodation:

There are a very large number of mind-blowing hotels and Resorts  with all levels and according to the international standards which is situated in the most important islands.


Maldivian Rufiyaa

Food In Maldives:

Large and different varieties of restaurants and cuisines serving traditional Maldivian, Asian, European, American, African and middle eastern food with different standards and costs.

Places to be visited in Maldives

The main attractions are the National Museum, which displays items from Arab, Sri Lankan, and Dravidian cultures; Sultan Park; the Islamic Centre; and the gold-painted Grand Friday mosque. The oldest mosque, Hukuru Miski, is known for its intricate stone carvings.

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