Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia

A beautiful village which previously was used by Carthagians and Romans, considered as the 1st touristic site to be visited in Tunisia as it is attracting many Arabs and Foreigners tourists for the whole year continuously and ranked one of 13 most charming villages in the world.

Sidi Bou Said is 20kms far from Tunisia the capital, located in the north east on the high cliff overlooking Carthage and the Gulf of Tunis.

It is famous of its beautiful white and blue building and houses with traditional and historical designs with a mind blowing decorated doors and windows.

An icon of traditional architecture which has many sites and places that attract visitors as well as other places in it, everywhere you can smell the fragrance of Jasmine flowers and green mint leaves as it is planted in the houses gardens.


  • Arabic.
  • English
  • French.

Climate/Best time for visiting:

The weather in Salalah is hot, dry desert climate from April to June end of summer and beginning of the fall is the best time for visiting which is from July to December, in winters the weather becomes cloudy .

How to reach Sidi Bou Said:

  • Air: There are lots of International Airports in Oman one of them is Salalah Airport.
  • Bus/Mini Bus/Taxi/Car

Hotels and Accommodation:

Several hotels and guest houses or separate traditional houses with all kind of international standards which allowing you to live in the heart of the village enjoying both beautiful view during the day and attending events and festival at night too.


Tunisian Dinar

Food In Sidi Bou Said:

All food options and menus are available in restaurants of Sidi Bou Said with many varieties and tests.

What to do in Sidi Bou Said:

  • Attending festivals and artificial events (foreign or traditional).
  • Shopping in the traditional Souk.
  • Swinning.
  • Cruise trip around the village.
  • Sea sports and beach events.
  • Visiting the museum.

Places to be visited in Sidi Bou Said

What to see in Sidi Bou Said:

  • Typical visit
  • Beautiful architecture
  • Nature and landscapes
  • Traditional handmade arts and crafts
  • Swimming in the beautiful water viewing the amazing beaches
  • Have the hot or cold drink in one of the cafe’s watching the beautiful views
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