New Year’s Eve

Since the winter takes its right from the “lazy laziness” that prevails in the atmosphere, Most of the people are searching for a short and warm tour program to spend the new year’s holidays and vacations with a good and low cost too.

As the countdown to the celebration New Year 2018 has begun; it is time to talk about the most beautiful Arab and international cities you can visit for a few days with an appropriate cost during the Christmas and New Year vacations.

So the majority prefer to find a pleasant destination for a short trip at a good cost.

How do you dream of receiving your new year? In the embrace of dreamy historic cities? Or with the youthful atmosphere and bustling beaches? In a romantic atmosphere for a couple? Or attending the new year’s festivals which taking place in worldwide?

So lets start knowing what is the best destinations as per international statics for all nationalities:

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tourists are looking for world-class travel destinations; while Dubai attracts the whole world for its celebrations and festivals, it is one of nicest place to see the finest fireworks festival near Burj Khalifa and Palm Island!

Dubai has many touristic attractions that make it top of the list for New Year’s trips, the most beautiful with its warm weather and the shopping festivals with amazing prices, atmosphere of celebrations, fun and joy and much more.

Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul represents the literal meaning of the phrase “God makes your days”, and it is even more wonderful for receiving your new days with Turkish sweets that welcomes you in every alley and street in this legendary city, along with restaurants and cafes filled with people, popular and unpopular markets, museums and palaces that have a beginning with no end.

It is perfect for a short trip for the New Year’s Eve, with a romantic atmosphere and hotels overlooking the city and sea sky. For those who think of buying exclusive gifts, do not miss the opportunity to visit modern malls such as the Sifaheer Mall and Istinia Park.

Beirut – Lebanon

Maybe Beirut’s ancient flame have eased for a while because of the political situation, but it is getting sharper when Christmas and New Year celebrations are coming. The city is still a haven for youthful fans, celebrations and concerts, ideal for both who want a modern luxurious atmosphere and historical, holy and traditional atmosphere in an Arab city.

Beirut has many attractions, museums and monuments. Nightlife is concentrated in the Zaytouna Bay area and Gemmayzeh Street, the first address for lovers of the month of Christmas and new year, as well as European shopping malls such as ABC Shopping Mall. Close to the capital and stunning white color as bright as the shrine of Kafr Dabian.

Tbilisi – Georgia

Do you prefer walking in the narrow streets of poetry and fairy tale houses? It’s simple and easy in the seemingly timeless Georgian capital of Tbilisi, a great and low-cost destination for New Year’s travel.

Tbilisi has dozens of museums, churches and magnificent monuments, with historic buildings everywhere, as well as dozens of restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping streets that never relax or sleep. You can certainly visit its most famous sights on a short trip for a few days.

Thessaloniki – Greece

Why Thessaloniki? Because it has been selected more than once in the list of the best tourist destinations around the world, and what then? It is the capital of celebrations, culture and bustling nightlife in Greece. The northern city of Thessaloniki has a local airport for domestic flights from Athens.

The city has many Roman ruins and historical, cultural and artistic museums, and if you want to see the Greek atmosphere in its origins, visit the historical area of ​​Ladadika, which includes dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars. Nearby is the famous “Aristotle Square” in Greece for “Christmas” and New Year festivals and carnivals.

Sidi Bou Said – Tunisia

The town of Sidi Bou Said is about half an hour from the capital Tunis, and although the atmosphere is not suitable for swimming and sea, it is a romantic destination and ideal for those who want to enjoy the spectacular sea view, as well as a very impressive accommodation in resorts and hotels.

You can also plan to visit a one day trip from the capital Tunis, how do you enjoy it? Everything in Sidi Bou Said is very perfect beautiful, even the mint cup of tea, you can find among dozens of cafés and restaurants with breathtaking views, and you will find yourself surrounded by the splendor of blue coming from the sea and houses with unique architecture and designs.

Larnaca – Cyprus

Cyprus is considered as one of the most important touristic destinations for all around the year. The island is characterized by warm and mild weather most of the year. It is wonderful for a short and charming winter journey. We chose Larnaca in southern Cyprus because it is the closest to the island’s main airport. Between religious and cultural landmarks and modern life.

The most beautiful place to visit is Finecodes Beach, as well as Mckenzie Beach, which are the best addresses for luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, celebrations and nightlife


Some people may be surprised by the idea of ​​traveling to Asia in New Year’s vacation, especially those who prefer short trips, but not many people know that a trip of just 3 days may be enough to visit and see Singapore’s most amazing landmarks, Sun in winter, and even with rainfall, Singapore has dozens of appropriate closed attractions at any time.

Singapore is the capital of festivals, colors and celebrations in Asia, and the queen of modern and long markets and malls on Orchard Street, as well as food markets, amusement parks, cultural and scientific sites.

Sharm El-Sheikh – Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh is the first beachfront place in Egypt. It  is more glamorous in winter, with warm and dry weather. Even if the water is not suitable for swimming and diving, you can lie in hotels and resorts with private pools and heat-controlled swimming pools and SPA’s.

The touristic activities you can try such as safaris and adventures to nearby desert oases, as well as a world of entertainment and bustle in Nima Bay, the main attraction for tourists, featuring dozens of restaurants, bars and modern shopping centers.

Marrakesh – Morocco

Marrakesh is characterized by a hot climate in the summer, making it suitable for trips in the rest of the seasons. This touristic jewel in Morocco is one of the most popular destinations for the Arab and Western tourists. It has a special charm and an aura of myth and pleasure that only those who experience it know.

 There are many dining options in a romantic atmosphere, in balconies overlooking the city sky, and dozens of hotels and traditional houses distinguished by the amazing Moroccan architectures, what do you think of your new year with the “Moroccan bath” that eliminates fatigue and exhaustion of the past days ?!

You can choose a luxury spa for a “comfortable” journey in a literal sense, as well as shopping in Marrakech’s popular markets and the famous Jemaa el Fna square. You might also like to visit the Majorelle Park, which is described as one of Morocco’s most beautiful gardens.

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