MPM and TPM in Airlines and Aviation

MPM = Maximum Permitted Mileage

In fare construction, the permitted total of ticket point mileages allowed between two fare break points

or, by paying the airfare between two points you are allowed to fly up to this mileage.

TPM = Ticketed Point Mileage

An officially stated distance between two cities, used in airline fare calculations regardless of the airports used

or, Actual mileage distance between a city pair

Every city pair has a MPM and a TPM.

For example:

Miami – Frankfurt – Miami

Airline: ??

Fare code: ABCDEFGH

Fare: $ 395.00 USD plus Q’s and taxes

TPM = 4824 miles

MPM = 5788 miles

Real miles distance is 4824

You are allowed to fly up to 5788 miles without any additional charge. That is why you have the same fare for:

Miami – Frankfurt – Berlin – Frankfurt – Miami

Airlines: ??

Fare code: IJKLMNOPQ

Fare: $ 395.00 USD plus Q’s and taxes

Frankfurt – Berlin

TPM = 269

So if you add:

Miami – Frankfurt

TPM = 4824 miles

You have a total of 5093 miles, which is less than the MPM of the Miami – Frankfurt fare: 5788 miles

Hope that it became now more easier for understanding.

Wish you all the best.

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