Mothers Day and tourism

The most beautiful three women in the world: my mother, her shadow, and the reflection of her mirror. I started this article with this famous saying by great Gibran Khalil Gibran because it carries very deep meanings about the woman who nobody can take her place in our hearts at all, so I am invited you all to read the following information about this great day (Mother’s day):

It is a special day which is held annually in honor of mothers, and celebrated by many countries in the world, despite the disparity in the day of celebration, the origin was an idea which was developed and been claimed in the United States then followed by claims in other countries and that is the reason of the difference in the day of celebrating, it started in the United States of America, as an idea then become a national day on the second Sunday of May each year, some countries celebrate in February and others in April keep pace with the Spring Festivals, others in October.

Despite the difference in history and celebration date, the spirit of this occasion remains the same in every corner of the world. Mothers are the same through the ages and since the beginning of creation also motherhood is that feeling which have not changed and will not be changed at all.

Different aspects of celebrating this wonderful day is according to countries and the level of social, cultural and living, but the method remains one even if the level and cultures changed, as children are rushing to buy gifts for their moms in honor of the tender and recognition of her role in family, society and even in the whole world, so, on this special Day we will try to list the following information:

Mother’s Day is a national and official holiday in some countries, including the United States of America, where flags are raised above every home and building in honor of mothers. It is considered as the third biggest  celebration after the Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The United States of America was the first to adopt the idea and set up a day to celebrate on mother’s honor on this basis the idea was carried out by Ann Jarvis, who honored her mother personally and publicly then launched a campaign calling for this day to be recognized as an official ceremony and event recognized in the United States. She was unsuccessful because she was accused of seeking only income and money. Julia Ward Howe, an author and social activist started claiming  Mother’s Day proposal in America in 1872, which was initially dedicated to mothers’ participation in peace marches. In 1908 Ann Jarvis launched another campaign for celebrating mothers in honor of her deceased mother, and has been criticized badly as there are other people called for the observance of the children , fathers and other celebrations that have become frustrating her. On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree recognizing Mother’s Day as a National Day.

In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the sixth of March, or the fourth Sunday of Lent, one of which is called Motherhood, and all the neighborhoods and streets witness an atmosphere of celebration and joy. The gifts and flowers shops make their efforts to attract the buyers and make the most of the celebration. The British prefer to give roses to express their love more than anything else, on this day, it is also a tradition to prepare cakes made of almonds on this occasion.

In Australia, the celebration of the Mother’s Day is filled with excitement and joy. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May of each year. Australians take a great opportunity to express their gratitude to their mothers. Children show their love by giving gifts, flowers and souvenirs.

There is a traditional costume worn on this day. The pink dress on the mother’s day expresses that the mother is still alive, the white one refers to the honor of the mothers who are dead, and beside the mothers, the children honor their grandmothers as well as every woman who gives love and care in their lives , children often reflect on the role of their moms in their lives and the difficulties she encountered during their upbringing.

In Canada, Mother’s Day is the most popular after Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebration, as same as the United States of America. It is also celebrated on the second Sunday of  May. Canadians thank their mothers for their continued support and affection. One of the most popular gifts is expressing love, Mother’s Day has a great emotional value that is invaluable, where record sales are broken in souvenir cards, some Canadians invite their mothers to dinner and some also have their own baked bread and give their mother a one day vacation out of the kitchen.

In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and is a new event and occasion, which has recently been adopted despite countless celebrations in India. As in the West, Indians take Mother’s Day to show their importance in their lives. In the pains and hardships encountered during their upbringing, and take advantage of this celebration to send all thanks to their mothers, by sending cards and prepare meals for them, in the capital and the most important and big Indian cities companies are launching many different products for women, The media called propaganda campaigns for the feast of the mother and offers a special and distinctive programs on this occasion.

As well as in Ireland where the Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Lent by giving them roses and cards to express their love and appreciation, and programs are organized, theatre plays several places in the honor of mothers.

In Mexico, the celebration of Mother’s Day is on May 10th , and it is a special day for the Mexican people. It is also sacred and religious. The churches perform a special mass for this occasion. The event includes playing the orchestra. Cards are also common gifts there, but children are characterized by their gifts of love and praise, and in schools they organize many performances and songs to express their gratitude to their mothers

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in New Zealand, where the atmosphere is full of joy and joy. New Zealanders go out for picnics and dinner, and shops are very crowded at this time to buy presents for mothers and older women. The best-selling and best wishes for mothers. The celebration also includes helping mothers in housework and baking cakes.

Thailand is different in celebrating Mother’s Day, which is on August 12th , when it is Queen Sirikit’s birthday, which is considered mother of all the Thai people, is a national holiday. Children give gifts to their mothers and spend the day going to restaurants to appreciate them. The Thai people march to the royal palace and the musical ensembles perform the songs and melodies. The roses and the flowers are available in the marching which is followed by the song – Mother of the kingdom.

In South Africa, flowers are also on the list of gifts on this day, also children wear red or pink dresses as a symbol of the mother being alive and white if mother is dead as the same tradition in Australia. The celebration includes expressions of appreciation for mothers and grandmothers also women who are very close to the families.

In Arab countries, especially Egypt, March 21 of each year considered as Mother’s day to honor mothers, celebration began in 1956. The first invitation to the Mother’s Day in Egypt was carried out by the Egyptian journalist and writer Mustafa Amin in 1943 in his book “America’s Smile” but no one paid attention to the idea, A message received by Mustafa Mustafa Amin in his office iat “Akhbar Al Youm”, from a mother complaining of her son’s hardness and weakness in appreciation, Mustafa Amin was influenced by this story. He introduced the idea for a day in the year as a symbol of remembering the suffering of mothers when raining their children. So March 21st was adopted as a feast for the mother annually wise and followed by  the other Arab countries. It is celebrated in most Arab countries, and children give their mothers, teachers and relatives gifts and flowers to express their love for them.

Yemeni mothers:

From Queen of Sheba Balqis, to Queen Arwa bint Ahmed Al-Sulayhi. Despite years of rupture, underdevelopment and colonialism, Yemen has lost decades of prosperity and progress, and has returned to the stages of backwardness and subordination. Yemeni women have not been domiciled. They have struggled for a long time to liberate from all forms of inherited backwardness and have found themselves in the local and international society, despite the bleakness of the situation and the difficulty of life imposed by the ongoing war, which forced many Yemeni mothers to break down community barriers to secure a living for their children, despite the spread of diseases and malnutrition among their children, they still bore the fountain of patience in their breasts, despite having to leave their homes to become refugees within their homeland in search of the simplest humanitarian needs that may fill part of what are they suffering.

Yemeni women have suffered many physical and psychological violations as a result of the war. Many hardships, including the siege and the lack of basic necessities of life, have forced many Yemeni women who seek stability with their children to live in the rubble of their homes. She paid a high price in the recent war events , yes she is the Yemeni mother from a country that was happy and was a country of faith and wisdom which is named (Yemen).

Syrian and Palestinian mothers (Khansaas of the modern times)

The immortality has learned from their patience and the greatness of their sacrifices. Many words and meanings have been placed on the wounds. The blood of their martyrs father, son ,husband, and brother , words continue to fight for the security and peace in their countries. The world is endowed by their steadfastness and sacrifices. Certainly the history will be sealed in the books of immortality .. They are the fragrance of God on earth and deserve words to rise up to their feet . Will remain the bids of the mothers of martyrs adorn our present and pave the way for the future which made with patience of these mothers for their children which teach them how to protect the homeland and how to protect the .presentation and values and principles.

Mother’s Day and the Tourism

On this occasion, many short-term tour programs, ranging from one to three days, are often offered. The children give these packages as a gift to their moms, often accompanied by a husband if is still alive or with children Where it is considered as a period for rest and recreation.

Many hotels and guesthouses are well prepared for this day with the festivals and recreational activities that express this sacred day for some peoples in the world.

As for airlines and flights, many airlines face great pressure both for the domestic and international flights where children decide to spend the day with their mother and their families. Most children who study or work away from their families prefer to take a vacation for a number of days and travel to parents to participate in such Great occasion.

With the current security situation in the world and the mothers of wars in some countries, including Syria and Yemen, as well as the instability and anxiety of mothers in Palestine, travel and tourism companies must pay attention to the dark tourism for visiting countries where mothers are suffering a real tragedy which can not be described in words but by arranging for tour trips that are known to be interested by the humanitarian aspect on this occasion first and foremost before it is a festive occasion.

Where these trips help to connect and describe the situation according to the reality without any falsification or marginalization of the facts, which helps to communicate the cry of these mothers to those who are interested in humanity around the world.

What I could say is

Happy mother’s day to all mothers of the world, wish every year and all mothers of the world stay fine, healthy, in safety, wellness, and secured.

And pray for all the deceased mothers to stay blessed and safe near Allah with compassion and warmth in the highest place of paradise (Ameen).

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