Malaysia the truly Asia

You have heard a lot about it and now its the time to visit it by yourself. It is Malaysia the truly Asia with its stunning urban development in its buildings, cityscapes, landscapes and amazing green nature with lots of Religious architectures.

Malaysia is considered as one of the most important tourist destinations which we can call “see the most beautiful places at the cheapest cost”. It has become the favorite destination for both the Arabs and foreigner tourists, especially after the development in various aspects of tourism services as a way to encourage tourists to visit Malaysia

People of Malaysia are very simple and hospitable people, proud of their culture, history, customs and traditions, they are described as a very hospitable people and have generosity, warmth and good ethics so they are not hesitating to meet and contact with new people from different countries or religions.






Climate/Best time to visit: South-west monsoon (May – Septembet)

North-east monsoon (November – March)

West coast wettest (May – October)

East coast wettest (September – December)

KualaLampur wettest (March – April) & (September – November)

Best time to visit in dry weather (June & July in the east coast) (January & February in the west coast)

Sabah (April) Sarawak (June – July)

How to reach Malaysia: Air: There are lots of International Airports.

Bus/Mini Bus/Taxi/Car/Rails.

Hotels and Accommodation:There are a very large number of hotels, Resorts, guest houses and apartments for rent with all levels and according to the international standards which is situated in all the important places.

Currency:Malaysian Ringgit

Food In Malaysia:Large and different varieties of restaurants and cuisines serving traditional Malay, Asian, European, American, African and middle eastern food with different standards and costs.

Places to be visited in Malaysia

Kualalampur the Capital

Visitors of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur will be impressed by the city’s development which has now become a large, modern industrial city filled with elegant buildings, markets and parks.

Kuala Lumpur’s monumental image is the twin towers, Which is achieved by Malaysian government, and the capital is fond of taking visitors high to the sky in panoramic tour in the twin towers, and to have the opportunity of capturing the finest images From the top bridge connecting between them which provides a breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur .

Because the development is fully linked to the shopping and modern malls, we recommend you to visit the Suria KLCC adjacent to the twin towers, which extends over 7 floors to take you on a shopping tour around the world’s most famous brands, cafes, restaurants, supermarket, cinema, museums and spectacular aquarium and surrounded by a beautiful courtyard dotted with dancing fountains for walking in the evening, colored by the lights of towers and flashy markets.

Jalan Allur offers a different shopping experience and a taste of famous Asian dishes and seafood in dozens of shops, restaurants and popular cafés.

The Kuala Lumpur City, where you can stroll through the flower garden, butterfly garden and zoo and seal the bird garden, which is the most beautiful and includes hundreds of bird species, divided into 4 areas interspersed with lakes.

Petaling Jaya

You can visit Petaling Jaya during your stay in a Kuala Lumpur, not more than half an hour from the capital and accessible by bus or subway.

Sunway Lagoon is the most popular entertainment venue in Petaling Jaya, where visitors from all over the world travel to a large world of adventure and thrill.

The amusement park which has dozens of games, and a large number of cafes, restaurants and shops. From the amusement park, you will find the famous Sunway Pyramid, where you will be greeted by the giant “Sphinx” and pyramid decorations, as if you were in a lost Pharaonic city. The mall is located on the 4th floor.

One of the most memorable experiences in Petaling Jaya is to visit the FRIM Tropical Reserved Forest, where the Forest Research Institute is located.

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is about 40 km from the capital Kuala Lumpur and can be planned for one day from Kuala Lumpur. The area is famous of its cable cars that take passengers to a fantasy world, so, prepare your camera to capture the finest images for the forest, which is covered with fog, silence and quiet, and characterized by this region cold atmosphere most of the year because of the high altitude of the sea.

The temple of Chin Swee is one of the hallmarks of the Genting region. It is situated in an isolated and quiet cavernous area of ​​more than 10 floors. The courtyard surrounding the temple offers breathtaking views of the forested mountains. It is an ideal place for relaxing and have a healthy meal in the vegetarian restaurant adjacent to the temple. Families have a great deal of joy with the famous amusement park in Genting Highlands. The theme park can be reached by road or by cable car. It is located on a high plateau all year round. It has a closed section of children’s playgrounds and an outdoor playground. Known as the “world of snow “Which is to stop offering cold climates with artificial snow.

George Town – Peneng

The city of Georgetown is located in Penang Island. It is one of the favorite cities of European tourists. Hotels are characterized by low cost compared to other tourist cities in Malaysia.

Suitable for the lovers of museums, archaeological and historical sites, including many of the temples and distinctive rich museums, the most famous temple, “Khokongsi” founded by a Chinese family and consists of two floors full of trinkets and decorated with gold color graphics.

There are a number of rare museums in the city, such as the Penang Biranakan Museum, which consists of precious and fascinating collections once owned by rich families of merchants in the country.

Georgetown is famous for its busy shopping streets, such as Canon Street, which has become an art gallery that fascinates visitors with 3D graphics that painted the walls of buildings and shops, cafeterias and Cafes.


Do not miss the opportunity to take a day trip to the beautiful city of Putrajaya. The city is about half an hour south of the capital. It is one of the cleanest modern cities. Its beauty combines beautiful views and authentic Malaysian architecture. Contains many beautiful mosques and amazing nature views surrounding.

Penang Island

Penang Island, with its capital, Georgetown, on the west coast of Malaysia, is a popular destination for beach and nature lovers and has many fun activities for families as well as water sports and boating.

It is ideal for walks and dancing under the shade of beautiful palm trees along the beach, surrounded by a range of hotels and restaurants.

It also the place of the adventures and warm weather, offering world of games, slide entertaining and comfort.

One of the most important places in Penang Island is the “Spice Garden”, an exceptional experience for a tour with a multi-lingual audio guide to the most famous plants used in the spice industry.

Spray yourself with mosquito repellent before entering the garden. The National Park is one of the natural stations to be visited, especially for the environment. The park is an hour away from Georgetown. It takes a few hours for exploring.

Langkawi Island

It is located in the northwest of Malaysia and has become one of the most important tourist attractions. The most famous and latest tourist projects in Langkawi is the Hanging Sky Bridge or Langkawi Sky, where one can take a ride in the mountain cable car up to the top in a journey of about 15 minutes, stopping the cable car in several stations scattered on the surrounding hills, one of these stations is the suspension bridge, which offers breathtaking views of the forests, islands and the sea, an amazing adventure for those with a strong hearts who do not fear.

Another interesting adventure on the island of Langkawi is a mangrove trip to explore the islands and dense forests. Including a visit to the Bats Cave, fish farm and eagles watching the prey. So can you imagine the feeling?

Johor Bahru

It is about 325 km southeast of Kuala Lumpur and overlooks Singapore, one of the most important and vibrant cities in Malaysia.

The city has several amusement parks for families and dozens of figurines, In addition to games, entertainment, there are a large number of fast-food restaurants, with beautiful mosques surrounded by mesmerizing views.

Tioman Island

Situated at the east coast of Malaysia, Tioman is a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts due to the abundance of beautiful coral reefs and amazing marine life near its coast. It has many professional diving centers and beautiful beaches, such as Monkey Beach, where monkeys appear from time to time, and there are a number of restaurants serving delicious fish.

Shah Alam

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is the most important landmark in the city. It is also called the Blue Mosque because of its distinctive blue dome and four lighthouses that remind us of the mosques of Istanbul, the largest mosque in Malaysia, built in 1989. , And nearby the mosque is an excellent Arabic restaurant.

Lake Shah Alam is a haven for the summer heat and the noise of the city. It offers hiking trails for more than 3 km, surrounded by shade of trees, parks, a water park, a large number of restaurants and cafés.

Kuala Terengganu

Consists of the famous “crystal mosque” opposite the city’s coast, this beautiful mosque made of crystal, glass and steel is surrounded by water on three sides and appears to float on the water. It is illuminated by dazzling lights that glitter and shine on the beach, in addition to the rich Asian heritage markets, such as the Chinese City, which houses dozens of traditional Chinese houses built back to the late 19th century and much more.

Perhentian Island

It can be reached by express fast boat and is suitable for a day trip from Kuala Terengganu or for few days. It is composed of two islands, the largest one is the island of Besar, known of its turtle beach, The other is Kecil which contains a group of hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Redang Island

Can be reached by boat from the coast of Kuala Terengganu. It takes about an hour and It is one of the most popular and crowded tourist destinations in the country. It is famous for its charming white sand beaches and shallow turquoise waters, Where fish can be fed and seen clearly from the extended wooden bridge.

The island has a number of resorts, stylish hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops, ideal for relaxing under the sun umbrellas and enjoying the view as well as the centers of diving and sailing boats because of its rich terrain, dense forests and parks suitable for hiking and safaris for individuals and families.

Kota Kinabalu

Is one of the most important and vital cities in Malaysia. It is famous for its natural reserves, such as the Orange Otane Reserve which offers an exceptional experience for guests to roam the tropical forest, watch the wildlife and watch the monkeys eating food. This area consists of five islands with white sandy beaches and very turquoise waters, Which are crowded in the tourist seasons, and are ideal for diving and swimming.

There are dozens of food shops, cuisines, restaurants gifts and nuts exhibitions.


Some are thinking that it could be the cultural and historical capital of Malaysia. It is the home of many museums and archaeological sites that chronicle the historical events in Malaysia.

It is ideal for lovers of cultural trips and diving in the past.

You will sail in the world of luxury where the furniture is decorated and embellished with dazzling decorations.

The Chinese Jewelry Museum, which consists of a collection of the most expensive jewelry which was owned by the rich Chinese families, as well as the Military Museum and the Palace of the Sultans Museum, surrounded by a wonderful garden decorated with various flowers and fragrant trees.

The Red Square takes you to the other side of Malacca, where the old part of the city is distinguished by its red houses built by the Dutch and British in the 18th century. This neighborhood is the home of an old Catholic church. in addition to historical monuments, parks, rivers, lakes and nature reserves, such as the zoo and the Wild Park, with its various animals.

Cameron Highlands

Is the highest area in Malaysia, one of the most beautiful natural areas in Asia too, and has a cold temperate during the day at night.

It is the home of tea plants in Malaysia, especially in the area of ​​Tana Rata, where tea fields are spread like a carpet of green grass, Top of the Highlands there are many coffee shops with a breathtaking views of the green fields, you can taste the tea in different flavors with lemon or honey and other flavors that will certainly become a favorite place for tea lovers, there are also a large number of shops selling Malaysian luxury tea.

After tea, you can go straight a head to the strawberry farms, such as the Raju Hill Ranch where you can buy the cheapest strawberries.

Batu Caves

Can be visited during a stay in a Kuala Lumpur, not more than half an hour away from the it and easily accessible by bus, train or taxi.

The Batu Caves are a very important touristic attraction in Malaysia which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

3 hidden caves located in the heart of a high mountain, and requires access to the caves by climbing a large number of stairs up to more than 270 unit, so it is not recommended to take young children because of the frequent walking and effort to visit these caves, and there are a large number of statues in addition to ” Golden Hindu goddess statue.



The biggest state in Malaysia and is located on the island of Borneo. It is famous for its rich natural reserves of caves, rainforests and beautiful beaches with many cultural museums, monuments, markets and hotels frequented by visitors to Malaysia.


Is one of the most important places. Quiet and far from the hustle and bustle and is famous for its natural reserves such as the Orangutan Monkey Reserve, the bear reserve and the safari in the jungles of the rain forest.


Known as the most beautiful place in the world for diving, there is the Sipadan National Park, which is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, and gives this a golden opportunity for brave hearts to dive with sharks, turtles and various marine life and fish living in warm Asian waters.

The authorities allow a limited number of visitors daily for the preservation of the environment, and there are a number of huts for the night for enjoying the atmosphere of nature.

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