Istanbul the Euro Asian city

Apart from its long history for many years ago, Istanbul has been the capital of a number of countries and empires throughout its long history, owing to its central geographical position, the capital of the Roman, the Byzantine, the Latin and the Ottoman Empires.

It is the largest city in Turkey and the seventh largest city in the world in terms of population and an economic, touristic and cultural capital.

Istanbul was chosen as the European capital of culture in 2010, and its historical sites was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List In 1985.

People of Istanbul and the hospitality:

The Turkish people are a simple and hospitable people, proud of their culture, history, customs and traditions, they are described as a hospitable people and have generosity, warmth and respect for all other nationalities.

They are not hesitating to meet and contact with new people because of their influencing by the Western civilizations while retaining Islamic traditions and ethics.


  • Turkish is the most spoken language in Istanbul.
  • English, Arabic, French and German are spoken by little of the tourism industries.

Climate/Best time for visiting:

Owing to its situation at the transactional climate zone it is considered to be  a borderline Mediterranean, humid as well as oceanic climates.

  • December to March (cold winter 1-4 degree c)
  • Spring and Autumn (mild temperature best time for visiting Istanbul).
  • June to August (hot summer – temperature range around 29 degree c).

How to reach Istanbul:

  • Air: Ataturk International Airport.
  • Bus/Taxi: Available from all regions of Turkey and from some cities of neighboring countries.
  • Train: From the internal cities of Turkey and also from cities across Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Hotels and Accommodation:

In Istanbul there is a very large number of hotels, guest houses, apartments for rent with all levels and according to the international standards which is situated in all the important places.


Turkish Lira

Food In Istanbul:

Large and different varieties of restaurants and cuisines serving traditional Turkish, Asian, European and middle eastern food with different standards and costs.

Places to be visited in Istanbul:

The Bosphorus

Which is dividing Istanbul into 2 parts (Eastern in Asia) and (Western in Europe) with its 3 famous bridges :

  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge.
  • Sultan Mohammed Bridge.
  • Sultan Saleem Bridge.

It contains a very beautiful and breathtaking views, you can enjoy the night view of the Bosphorus by spending a romantic and peaceful evening on the touristic yacht.

Aya Sophia (Hagya Sophia)

A great and architectural museum with a wonderful monuments and mesmerizing designs which is important both for Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Masjid)

Is a historical mosque (Masjid) with blue tiles surrounding the walls of the inner designs. Beside of it is still used as mosque it has also become one of the most popular touristic places must be visited in Istanbul.

Topkapı Sarayı (Topkapi Palace)

It was the main resident for the Ottoman Emperors for about 400 years, roofs and balconies of this palace overlook to the Bosphorus and entire city of Istanbul.

Kiz Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower) or (Leanders Tower)

Historians expectation that it had been built on 341 B.C, It is located at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus with an amazing and very beautiful view and, there are many legends about the construction of the tower and its location but today there is a restaurant in the first floor and a café at the top of the tower.


With its old styled beautiful buildings and many attractive places it become the most famous districts attracting tourists and real estate investors.

It contains a very famous places such as:

Galata Tower

It is one of the highest and tallest beautiful and historical towers in Istanbul provides a panoramic view of the old town. It is opened to the public and contains a cafeteria on the top and a couple of elevators taking you up to the terrace so you can enjoy viewing the city of Istanbul.

Taksim Meydani Istiklal Caddesi (Taksim Square and Istiklal Street)

The main and major touristic district full of different standards of Hotels, Restaurants and shops it is considered as the heart of modern Istanbul with its traditional metro network which makes a very beautiful combination.

Fransız Sokağı – French Street

One of the most important streets in the area full of life suh as small guest houses, restaurants, live music, it’s a small taste of France.

In addition to many other places such as the Istanbul Aquarium, Vialand, parks and much more which make your kids very happy and enjoying in their vacation a lot.

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