IATA Traffic Areas

Any travel professional who handles the matters related to the preparations of Itineraries, reservations, Group Bookings, fare calculations and ticketing should have knowledge about the world geography and also should be able to identify the cities by the location, country, areas and sub areas defined by IATA.

Geography is a subject which builds on young people’s own experiences, helping them to formulate questions, develop their intellectual skills and prepares into handling every type of travel client.

If a person who is related to travel field is having the knowledge about the world geography, then he or she can easily plan out the best suitable itinerary for their clients.

The Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere which are the two parts of the world as per the elementary geography is further divided by IATA into 3 traffic conference areas called IATA Areas or TC1TC2 and TC3 which comprise of further sub areas and that is different from the geographic definitions.

International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) World geography

IATA has divided the world into three areas: TC1, TC2, TC3


Ural Mountain of Russia and Tehran in Middle East divides TC2 with TC3.

Tc1 is Known as Western Hemisphere.

TC2 and TC3 are together known as Eastern Hemisphere.

IATA Area1 or TC1

Comprises of North America, South America, Central America and the adjacent islands like Greenland, Bermuda, West Indies, Islands of the Caribbean Sea, Hawaiian Islands which include Midway and Palmyra.

Traffic Conference-1 Sub-Areas.

TC1 – North Atlantic, North Atlantic comprises of Canada, Greenland, USA and Mexico excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island.

TC1 – Mid Atlantic Including The Caribbean Islands, Central America , South America plus Panama Canal Zone except Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. TC1 – South Atlantic Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay.

IATA Area 2 or TC2

Comprises of Europe, Africa and Ascension Island and parts of Asia, west of Ural mountains, including Iran and countries of the Middle East.

  1. Europe
  2. Africa
  3. Middle East

IATA Area3 or TC3

Asia (East of the Urals), Oceania, (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands)

  1. South East Asia
  2. South Asian Subcontinent
  3. Japan, Korea (Japkor)
  4. South West Pacific
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