Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt is a small  beautiful town  with a mesmerizing lakes and picturesque and touristic views which is located near  Salzburg in Austria. It is considered as one of the best places to be visited by tourists and due to its very old historical European culture it is considered it as the UNESCO world heritage site.

Also it is known as “the Pearl of Austria”, due to its attracted views of lakes, mountains and small traditional very beautiful villages with wooden cottages.

Its also famous of salt production with its historical mining factory located under its mountains.

The most attracted places in Hallstatt

The Hallstatt see (Hallstatt Lake)

The Hallstatt See  is   one of the  most   attracted  lakes  in  the  European Alps in, stunning mountain scenery in all seasons, as well as the beautiful lake make you feel quiet and peace.  Many famous  activities such as fishing, diving, biking, hiking and boating on the traditional boats including beautiful gardens with pretty flowers make your vacation full of interesting and joy.

 Hallstatt’s old town Churches and main Square

The little market village of Hallstatt, is one  of  the  most  busy and beautiful places which is  positioned on the center of Hallstatt old town. It is famous of its open air cafe’s and traditional houses and shops.

Hallstatt Salt mining factory

Hallstatt Salt mining factory located above  the  old town in   Salzberg  ( Salt Mountain ). It is could be reached by cable cars or traditional and funicular railway transportation.

The Five Fingers Sky Walk Platform

The 5 fingers the highest point in the sites mountains, it is one of the mesmerizing sites must be visited while visiting Hallstatt.

 Dachstein Ice Caves and Mountain 

Dachstein contains of  a  series  of  beautiful high mountains which is  Popular all seasons, you could be interesting and enjoying hiking and skiing or if you are interested in photography you can take a wonderful clicks.

The mountains  are also famous for the mesmerizing and hreathtaking Ice Caves,  including  the most famous Giant Ice Cave.

Admont Abbey

The Admont Abbey is  a popular  historical church with its beautiful park and classic designed  fountain, and the most important is its very rich and Baroque decorated Library.

The World’s Heritage Museum

The World Heritage Museum is  displaying  the very rich history of all the town and the lake surrounded palaces over the  past and present,  from the  earliest days to the current time.

St. Wolfgang

St. Wolfgang A beautiful small town which is very famous for its health resorts and Spa located on the Wolfgang Lake.

It is also the main railway station for the area consists a rail route that runs up trough Schafberg Mountain.

Bad Aussee

This  picturesque  town  with beautiful views contains of  the  River Traun’s   consisting a very famous and popular Spa with saltwater for treatments and winter sports. It is a very important destination in all seasons .

The Altaussee

The Altausseer See, a beautiful lake with amazing scenery and views makes you feel quiet and peace.

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