Georgia – paradise on earth

An independent Country (Republic) located at the junction of Eastern Europe with West Asia, It have borders with  the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

One of the world’s richest and oldest history started early in the 2nd millennium B.C and experienced several events and wars in Europe.


It is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, the Caucasus Mountains (the highest mountains range in Europe) takes a part of its borders with Russia.

Recently it became one of the most important touristic destinations with low budget through which you can discover many beautiful towns and villages with the European traditional and modern character and designs.

The Georgians are smart, open minded, simple and hospitable people, proud of their culture, history, customs and traditions, they are described as a hospitable people and have generosity, warmth and Openness to other civilizations and peoples.

They are not hesitating to meet and contact with new people because of their influencing by the European civilizations while retaining some of the west Asian traditions and ethics too.


  • Georgian, Russian.
  • English, but not widely.

Climate/Best time for visiting:

Owing to its situation it consists of different climates in the whole year which suites all kind of tourists:

  • December to February (cold winter 2-6 degree c with snow)
  • Spring and Autumn (mild temperature best time for visiting most of the places in it).
  • June to August (hot summer – temperature range around 20-30degree c).

How to reach Georgia:

  • Air: There are lots of International Airports.
  • Bus/Mini Bus/Taxi/Car
  • Train

Hotels and Accommodation:

There is a very large number of hotels, guest houses, apartments for rent with all levels and according to the international standards which is situated in all the important places.


Georgian Lari

Food In Georgia:

Large and different varieties of restaurants and cuisines serving Traditional Georgian, Russian, European and middle eastern food with different standards and costs.

Places to be visited in Istanbul

Tbilisi – The Capital


Beautiful and fascinating largest city in Georgia, which contains of combinations of the religious architectures and designs, lying on the banks of Kura River. It is very warm in summers and moderately cold in winters. Contains of several hot springs, lakes, rivers.

The main sites:

The Parliament, the government as well as the Supreme Court of Georgia buildings. The city has important cultural landmarks such as the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, Marjanishvili State Academic Theatre, the Sameba Cathedral, the Vorontsov’s Palace (also known as the Children’s Palace today), many state museums, the National Public Library of the Parliament of Georgia, the National Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi Circus, The Bridge of Peace and other important institutions. During the Soviet times, Tbilisi continuously ranked in the top four cities in the Soviet Union for the number of museums.

Out of the city’s historic landmarks, the most notable are the Narikala fortress (4th–17th century), Anchiskhati Basilica , Sioni Cathedral (8th century, later rebuilt), and Church of Metekhi.


One of the oldest cities in Georgia north of Tbilisi near Aragvi river, contains of several historical monuments which made it became a UNESCO world’s heritage site in 1994 also declared as the holy city of Georgia.


A very historical region located on the Kura River too contains lots of Cathedrals and Churches. The historical lands of Kartli are currently divided among several administrative regions of Georgia.


Full of green valleys, rivers and gardens with quiet and beautiful roads through the green pastures and the sweet grapes fields which are still harvested by hand in addition to some very beautiful Cathedrals architectures.

The Georgian Military Highway

The confluence of the Black Aragvi and White Aragvi rivers by the Georgian Military Road with the green and beautiful fields and mountains. It runs from the north from Tbilisi and up though the Caucasus to the Russian border and it has served as an important link between Europe and Asia since ancient times, today it serves as the best route via which we can enjoy the dramatic scenery, crystal-clear air and indescribable grandeur of the mighty Caucasus Mountains.

Tusheti and Khevsureti

Located on the north-east of the Great Caucasus at the border with Dagestan and Chechnya. Beautiful houses and the unique monuments of cultural heritage of the ancient villages, traditional hand crafts with different  items. The provinces is outstanding with its alpine and amazing  forests.

In addition to many other places such as Imereti and Racha, Svaneti, Meskhet Javakheti, Guria and Samegrelo, Adjara, Abkhazia.

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