Events and Festivals Tourism

Due to tourism seasons were limited to certain months of the year, reaching its peak, and as the season drew to its end, tourism activities and business suffered from stagnation almost reaching to no activity.


It was very important to pay attention to the development of this activity in order to become in a continuous movement throughout the year tirelessly and tediously which led the tourism authorities in most of the countries paying attention and try to attract the largest number of tourists throughout the religious,  cultural, artistic, exhibitions, trade, conferences as well as the political meetings.

In this regard the need for presence of the organizers for these events, full coordination and logistics support as well as providing all the requirements and amenities for participants and visitors to these events become more important.

Hence, a new tourism activity called events tourism appeared which is not linked to a specific time in the year, but become active throughout the year .


Due to the importance of this type of tourism activities, let us provide you the following information and basic concepts about the meaning, definition and aspects of this type of tourism (Events Tourism):

Events tourism is defined as:

  • The systematic development
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Holding of events as tourist attractions.


Objectives and Goals:

  • To create a favorable image.
  • To expand traditional tourism season.
  • To spread tourism demand evenly.
  • To attract domestic and foreign visitors.

Events tourist:

  • Those traveling away from home to a destination for business or pleasure.
  • Stays overnight at a destination


Events visitor:

Returns home the same day.

Types of events:

  • Cultural events.
  • Business or trade events.
  • Educational events.
  • Private events.
  • Sports events.
  • Art/entertainment events.
  • Political events
  • Religious events.
  • Recreational events.
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