Emerald Lake of Canada

Why It is called the Emerald Lake

The emerald stone is one of the most valuable gemstones with its greenish turquoise. The Canadian emerald lake is one of nature’s most beautiful gift. After the winter and snow season which ends in June and the melting of snow begins, the water of the lake which is falling from the surrounding mountains making the lake’s water shinning and sparkling with Emerald color so has become the name of the lake which many comrades and groups and families dream of visiting to reflect on this precious jewel, which will never give up its name because of its magnificence and beauty.

Discovered by:

The first non-native person to look at the Emerald Lake was the Canadian tour guide Tom Wilson, who was accidentally found in 1882.


One of the world’s most beautiful lakes as well as lakes located in Yoho National Park, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest lake out of the 61 existing lakes in Yoho, as well as one of the main tourist attractions in the park. The lake is 5.2 km from the hiking trails and paved roads. Boat rentals are available during summer. In the winter, the lake is a popular and ideal skiing destination in the whole country.

The lake is surrounded by the Rocky Mountain, as these mountains help to reduce storms. The weather in this area is very beautiful. It is frequent rainy in summer and snowy in winter. This flow of water causes the lake to rise a unique group of plants.

The trees are more typical than the wet inland forests. Many plants and wild flowers are appearing during late June and early July.

Activities related to this place:

Youth usually take part in many activities around the lake such as for hiking, camping, swimming, nature exploration and photography in order to document all the moments of fun and life involved in the journey, and enjoy various water games.

It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, which amazes everyone who visits and enjoys the climate beautiful and beloved activities, whether these activities for young people or for kids like hiking to fishing to canoeing and rowing to water bicycles.

The most important things you can do when visiting Lake Emerald:

Emerald Lake is an amazing destination for camping, day trips, weekly and monthly as well. There is a public park, a water park and a fully equipped camps to cater to the needs of visitors. With modern and clean bathrooms that meet the needs of them. There are 2 shopping centers and many attractions in its surroundings such as:

  • Visiting Yuhu National Park and enjoy views of the Rockies 
  • Visit Takakkao Falls 
  • The natural rock bridge in Yuhu National Park 
  • Borgis Foundation for Geological Sciences 
  • Museum of stuffed animals in Yoho National Park 
  • Kicking horse river 
  • Spiral tunnels for running water 
  • The center which provide tourism information for the visitors 
  • The velvet pottery factory and gallery 
  • Never forget to stay in the most beautiful lodge in the area, which is called Emerald Lake Lodge where you can have a luxury accommodation, it is situated on the edge of the lake, and offers a very beautiful and unique accommodation. 
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