Dubai business and gold city

You have heard a lot about it and now it is the time to visit it by yourself. It is the city of Dubai with its stunning urban development and its buildings with the highest world records in addition to its traditional neighborhoods and the fascinating desert or those areas that turned into beautiful gardens of world class.

People of Emirates are very simple and hospitable people, proud of their culture, history, customs and traditions, they are described as a very hospitable people and have generosity, warmth and Islamic ethics so they are not hesitating to meet and contact with new people from different countries or religions.

Languages: Arabic.


Climate/Best time for visiting:

The weather in Dubai is hot, dry desert climate, the best time to visit Dubai is at the end of Fall in November till the end of March

How to reach Dubai: Air: There are lots of International Airports in Oman one of them is Salalah Airport.

Bus/Mini Bus/Taxi/Car

Hotels and Accommodation:There are very large number of hotels, guest houses, apartments for rent with all levels and according to the international standards which is situated in all the important places.

Currency:Emirates Dirham

Food In Dubai:Large and different varieties of restaurants and cuisines serving Traditional Gulf, European, Asian, American, African and middle eastern food with different standards and costs.

Places to be visited in Dubai

Khalifa Tower (Burj Khalifa)

It is the first thing visitors can notice while arriving Dubai. The tallest tower in the world which dominates Dubai’s majestic skyline

For those who are wishing to dine in between the clouds, just visit the Atmosphere restaurant located on the 122nd floor.

Dubai Mall

Its located directly near Burj Khalifa, It needs many days in exploring its sections . In addition to the shopping center it consists of a landmark, an ice land, an indoor waterfall, an outdoor dancing fountain as well as a Dubai Aquarium and a huge aquatic zoo.

Dubai Dancing Fountain

Located in the bottom of Burj Khalifa and outside Dubai Mall its dancing show starting twice a day in the afternoon and at sunset till 11p.m.

The Palm Jumeirah

It It’s a manmade island took the shape of a palm, people of the UAE are proud to have such a local manmade island in their country.

Khor Dubai

It is a residential and shopping area suitable for all the family members

Jumeirah and Kate Beach

A beautiful beach with lots of restaurants, accommodation and shopping area.

Dubai Marina

One of the most beautiful man made yachts marina in the world contains a very beautiful views.

Dubai Desert

With its Safari trips and desert events you will spend a wonderful time.

Alfuhaidi Historical Neighborhood

One of the oldest and historical places in Dubai which contains a traditional Souk, museum and some beautiful Cafes.

And much more places such as: Jumeirah Town

Alethihad Museum

IMG Funworld

City Walk

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Opera

Dubai Cruise trip

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