Customer Service in Travel and Tourism Industries

Customer Services is directly related to Tourism because Travel Industry is based on Money and without customer there is no Income. Good customer service is required at every part of tourism either it is hotel, restaurant, travel agency, flight etc. Regardless of how rude and demanding the customer can be it is more important to keep positive attitude and be friendly with the customer.

Tourism is the industry in which passenger contact us to get what he/she dreams of for their holiday. Travelers at the end of the day go on a vacation to relax and to have a good time. Every airline, railway company or travel agency emphasize a strong customer service as to those who get service are more likely to return for their future travel arrangements. If tourists get good service in a well-known hotel then they will consider that hotel chain first whenever they will travel again and would recommend it to others within their social circle. Similarly if the traveler gets good service from any specific airline or travel trader then he will consider being a frequent customer with that specific service provider and in turn will generate future business for the serving companies.

Poor customer service can ruin the reputation of that hotel, restaurant, airline or a travel agency. If customer gets bad experience then neither he will use that supplier again nor will he advise anyone to use it again. So directly that supplier will lose that customer revenue in future and indirectly he will lose the prospective client which could get them a lot of business in the future.

Customer care is an essential part of the hospitality industry.

Tourism is the industry that helps a country to get economical stability.

Tourist generates business in a country and plays a key role in achieving the socio-economic goals of development plans of the nation. Good customer service ensures more opportunities for business for the service providers .

Customer care is the base of any industry and its growth. It helps us develop a loyal customer base and improve relationships with our customers.

Tourism is such a wide industry and customers have many alternatives available for their requirement. The modern customer is well informed and needs full value for his money. In case of inconvenience, they do dial Toll Free Number of the customer care support of the company in rule. In such a competitive industry, it is very difficult to make him a loyal customer and a satisfied customer. Loyal customers come back again and again which promotes the business through of word of mouth, all goes with a good and strong customer support. By building a long term customer base, we can reduce the cost of looking new customers. Good service helps to turn customer into ambassador of our business. They will buy our product and service regularly and will give valuable feedback which will generate more revenue to the supplier in his good or bad time.

Keys to good customer service:

·         Understand customer need.

·         Make him feel special or important customer for the company.

·         Deal with him patiently.

To conclude, Customer care is the backbone of the Travel Industry and will always play an important role in for the growth of the Tourism sector.

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