Best Places to Visit in Kuwait

Kuwait’s National Day is celebrated on the 25th of February each year. This date marks to the rising of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah to the throne of Kuwait in 1950. It also marks to his death in 1965.

Since Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah played a decisive role in the politics that led to the independence of Kuwait, Officially in this day in the year of 1961.

 After independence Kuwait’s economy  started in growing and developed very fast till reached to be recognized as one of the modern and civilized cities in the world, tourism too has developed in Kuwait over the last ten years and has become a modern city with its historical landmarks and many tourist facilities and resorts.

The development of tourism in Kuwait was due to the growing of its economic development.

Factors that led to the development of tourism in the State of Kuwait:

  • Containing of many historical and cultural monuments.
  • Established facilities, resorts, museums, local and international modern landmarks and markets.
  • Interested in expanding markets, especially commercial complexes.
  • Has strengthened the country’s tourism infrastructure.
  • Developing in the tourist Hotels and resorts.
  • Providing all means for encouraging the tourism industry in the state through the establishment of scientific conferences and seminars and the many annual cultural festivals.

The nature of tourism in Kuwait:

Kuwaiti tourism has become increasingly popular among Kuwaitis, residents, tourists and visitors

Tourism in Kuwait has many tourist attractions that make it a unique destination for many tourists. It also hosts huge modern shopping complexes along with luxury resorts and hotels

So let’s take a tour and explore the most important tourist attractions in the State Of Kuwait:


Are very friendly and deal with visitors by a distinguished and civilized ethics. They are proud of their history and more proud that they reached to a high level of development and civilization.


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Food and Restaurants:

You can find several varieties  of food and many traditional and international restaurants serving all kind of foods of the world.


There are different kind of hotels, resorts with international levels.

Best places to visit

Kuwait Towers

It is a group of three towers in Kuwait City, standing on the top of a cliff in the Arabian Gulf. It was officially opened in March 1979. It is an important symbol and one of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait’s capital.

The towers include blue spherical spheres, one used for water storage, and another for electrical equipment, all of which provide three different colors of night lighting.The third one is used for the entertainment purposes and receives visitors from inside and outside the country, includeing a restaurant, cafes, a hall and observation platforms.

Things to do:

  • You can start enjoying clicking several photos of stunning panoramic views of the city and the Arabian Gulf from the high rotary observatory.
  • Having a family meal at the Tower’s Restaurant, which is above the city skyline, offering a variety of traditional and international meals.
  • Daily horoscopes are organized by day-to-day management and ice cream festivals that will delight your children.

Al Hamra Tower

One of Kuwait’s most important landmarks and commercial towers  is the tallest building ever built in Kuwait and is among the 23 tallest buildings in the world.

The tower is characterized by its unique design, which takes the shape of an open cone, viewer will believe from the very first moment as a very giant piece of paper. The tower takes attention from different places in Kuwait, you can see it wherever you go.

Things to do

  • Getting the best Gulf water scene in all of Kuwait, the top of the tower provides a comprehensive view of Kuwait City fully.
  • The tower, apart from its unique design and height, contains a large number of shops that sell various goods such as clothing, perfumes, accessories, etc., you can take a comprehensive tour of the mall to get what you want.
  • If you want to eat while you are in the middle of your tour at the Tower, you can sit in a small restaurant, which offers various types of food and get your delicious meal with friends and enjoy great views of Kuwait City.
  • Do not forget to take a good number of commemorative photos to keep your visit to one of the world’s tallest towers

Green Island

Was opened as part of Kuwait’s green waterfront project in early 1988, a fully industrialized island.

It  has many tourist attractions that have helped lift Kuwait’s list of tourism destinations to the forefront for many years.

One of the island’s main attractions is an artificial lake fed by seawater coming from the Arabian Gulf with a tidal wave and a high tower.

It  also includes playgrounds, restaurants and cafés, a Roman theater with seating for nearly 700 people, a castle for children and many recreational activities

Things to do:

  • You and your kids can walk around to enjoy the nature of the green island, which has been imported most of its natural components, stones and trees from outside the State of Kuwait.
  • You and your family can enjoy the pool complex located in the eastern part of the island, featuring several diverse and picturesque features.
  • If you are a walking and jogging enthusiast, the island includes several green lawns left by footpaths to be able to practice your hobby.
  • Do not forget to visit Aljazeera Tower, where you and your family can enjoy panoramic views of the island and some parts of Kuwait City.
  • You must take the water skiing adventure using the waterfalls offered by the island, for an exciting tour .

Failaka Island

Is located in the Arabian Gulf specifically 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City in the northern part of the Persian Gulf.

The island is of great historical and tourist importance in Kuwait and is a cultural frontier. The spring season in Failaka Island is very special for both Kuwaitis and visitors the same, as the flowers bloom and the island acquires a nice temperature, making it a tourist destination in Kuwait.

The importance of the island is historically due to the presence of interesting samples from the Bronze Age and the civilizations of Delmon. It is said that the Greeks lived on this island and established local communities which remained so far in the form of coins, temples and seals found on the island

Things to do:

  • The island contains many historical attractions that you can see, you can visit the museums and buildings scattered on the island to get acquainted with the most prominent cultural and historical features.
  • If you are a sailor you can rent a boat and go on a cruise on this boat and explore the exciting waters of the Gulf, where the island is spread by a number of boats of different sizes and shapes.
  • If you feel hungry during your tour, you can try the Bedouin food, which is known for its wonderful taste. The residents of Failaka Island are famous for their excellent hospitality. Certainly, sitting with the island’s indigenous people and dining with them will be a difficult experience to forget.

Liberation Tower

Is the symbol of Kuwait’s liberation and represents the return of the country to its previous height, one of Kuwait’s most important tourist attractions

The construction of the tower began in 1992 and officially opened in 1996 and consists of three sections, the most prominent of which is the rotary observatory.

The tower serves 18 of the fastest elevators in the world, and the upper floors are covered with aluminum ionizing to withstand the maximum temperatures.

Things to do

  • You can start visiting the rotary observatory, which will give you the opportunity to take many pictures of the panoramic views of Kuwait City and its coasts from all directions.
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner and watch the city lights at night in the Tower Tower restaurant, which is 150 meters high.
  • Do not forget to have a shopping tour of the tower complex on the ground floor, which includes several markets and shops of the world’s most famous brands.

The Grand Mosque

Is the largest and official mosque in the State of Kuwait. It includes a main prayer hall which can accommodate 10,000 worshipers.

The Dome of the Mosque is decorated with the beautiful names of Allah and covering most of the main prayer area.

The mosque was built in 1982 and includes, alongside the main prayer hall, a separate women’s room.

It also has a library, a reception room and one Andalusia minaret. Its wooden doors feature gilt and decorative handles.

Things to do:

  • You can walk around the mosque’s squares, where the building is surrounded by a wonderful architectural masterpiece, which deserves you to visit and take some pictures.
  • You can also walk inside the mosque building, and do not forget to take many pictures of the beautiful names of God embracing the dome from the inside.
  • The walls of the mosque deserve the lens of your cameras, and have been decorated with silver and golden decorations and colors of various verses and Quranic verses.
  • As you walk through the main prayer hall, you will notice that it includes four tall, towering pillars with domes and various artistic decorations.
  • Visit the spacious mosque library, which includes a variety of religious and Tafseer books, and the biography of the Prophets, and features a beautiful interior design.
  • You must visit the guest lounge, which is designed in the style of Andalusia architecture, with huge chandeliers and sculptural decoration.
  • The guest room has a copy of the Quran manuscript dating back to the 8th century, written using the Kofi line.

The Kuwait National Museum 

Was opened in 1986 and is located along the shores of Al-Mubarakiyah in the capital of Kuwait

The museum building was divided into four buildings, three of which are used for permanent and fourth museum exhibits for use by the administrative offices and the conference hall.

The collection displayed at the museum shows visitors the richness of Kuwait’s history and its deep roots, as well as a large artistic and historical collection of the ruling of Sabah family.

The museum houses a group of sailboats, archaeological pieces representing the history of the country, and some archaeological excavations discovered on the island of Failaka.

Things to do

  • Walking through the halls of the old traditional people of Kuwait, which will take you on a journey through old neighborhoods as if it came back to life, and it contains tales of some of the types of handicrafts and crafts that have been working by the people of the country for a hundred years.
  • Do not forget to visit the hall of stone and pottery exhibits, which include pieces dating back to the mid-19th century until the beginning of the last century.
  • The amazing fishing trip was launched within the halls designed to highlight the pride and importance of fishing seasons among the Kuwaiti people.
  • The museum also contains rooms with household utensils, which will also see some features of Kuwaiti mud houses with their doors and wooden windows.
  • You have to pass through the planetarium, where you will have an educational and cultural experience through an amazing journey into the spaces of the galaxy in which we live.
  • Do not forget to walk through the Failaka Island, which dates back to the BC, as well as some of the ruins of ancient Greek colonies.
  • End your visit on a tour of Baum Al Mahlab, one of the main sailing vessels that sailed in the country, and has an important place in its memory.

Best entertainment in Kuwait

  • Fountain garden
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Kuwait Zoo
  • Aqua Park
  • Almesalyah Water Village
  • Kuwait Scientific Center
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