The Dubai National 30 feet Rowing …

The Dubai National 30 feet Rowing Boat Race (first round of the 2020-2021 Dubai Championship), organised by the Dubai International Marine Club on Friday, achieved a great technical and organisational success. The big event, which held in conjunction with the 30 * 30 Dubai Challenge, marked an interesting and beautiful start according to the precautionary […]

Fall festivals and events around the world 2020

These are some autumn destinations that is recommended for visiting during fall 2020 season, if you wish to attend one of these world-renowned festivals: Day of the Dead – Mexico –  Late October Is a Mexican holiday celebrated by Mexicans and it focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends […]

Saint Stephen’s Day – Budapest – Hungray

The Hungarian capital – Budapest, celebrates the feast of Saint Stephen, on the twentieth of August every year. Saint Stephen was born in the city of Estergum in the Principality of Hungary in 975 and died on August 15, 1038. Before his birth, his mother, Duchess Sarlot, had dremt and she saw Saint Stephen I […]

World Spring Festivals

Spring festival’s around the world Spring season, with its boom and renewal, is celebrated all over the world in special festivals. Vibrant marches, special cakes, flowers of different colours, and strawberries, one of the most important symbols of spring, are all part of many of the events that characterise this period. Holi Festival – India […]

Chinese new year’s Eve 2021

History and background of the Chinese New Year This celebration dates goes back to more than 4000 years. It is related to the rituals of the ancient worships since the creation of heaven and earth according to the Asian holy belief. Over the centuries, new traditions have been added and celebrations became more geared towards […]

Muscat Festivals 2018

18 January – 10 February 2018 Since its first launch in 1998, the Muscat Festival has proved to be more than just a festive, cultural and artistic event, or an entertainment forum in which all civilizations are intertwined and where all its activities speak in all languages. It also has another charm, and it has […]

The Malaysian Real Estate Exhibition – Dubai 2018

Mr. Yousuf Swelem, Chief Executive Officer – Zain Travel, Tourism & – has attended on Monday  26/3/2018, The Malaysian Real Estate Exhibition which held in Dubai. Mr. Yousef Sweilem met with Mr. Eddy Tay Tan, Director of Cornerstone Global, Cornerstone Reality, Malaysia. After several discussions and consultations, it was agreed that Zain Travel and […]

Dubai Annual Foods Festival

The largest food event from all over the world returns back annually to Dubai, The city of family, positivism and good times. It offers many events and activities for both residents and visitors, providing the chance to enjoy the finest cuisines inspired from the international cuisines. The festival also includes competitions, prizes and various motivations […]

New Year’s Eve

Since the winter takes its right from the “lazy laziness” that prevails in the atmosphere, Most of the people are searching for a short and warm tour program to spend the new year’s holidays and vacations with a good and low cost too. As the countdown to the celebration New Year 2018 has begun; it […]

The Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market

About STTIM: Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage launches its eleventh 11th Travel and Tourism Investment Market under the slogan of “Tourism is the forum of all industries.” It aims to make a quantum leap in tourism industry inside the Kingdom. The Forum is an important indicator of the future improvement it will bring to […]

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