Space Tourism – Definition History & Future

The concept of space tourism is growing in popularity all the time, and there are a growing number of businesses engaging in activities within the space tourism industry.   The concept of space tourism is one of the most exciting emerging features of the wider tourism industry, and many companies are already making waves by […]

The Dubai National 30 feet Rowing …

The Dubai National 30 feet Rowing Boat Race (first round of the 2020-2021 Dubai Championship), organised by the Dubai International Marine Club on Friday, achieved a great technical and organisational success. The big event, which held in conjunction with the 30 * 30 Dubai Challenge, marked an interesting and beautiful start according to the precautionary […]

Benefits of travel and tourism

Why do we travel? The answer is simple: Because we love it. We enjoy the slow and peaceful breakfasts, the long walks, the new experiences, places, people and memories. They make us feel happy we are alive. No wonder! Travelling seems to combine most of the habits of healthy people. What are the benefits of travelling? […]

Important tips for staying healthy during your fall season Tour Trip

The transition to the shorter and busier days of fall can be a challenge especially while travelling on a tour trip. To help ease the change, we’ve put some Autumn Wellness Tips to get you ready for the colder days which suddenly comes up while you are enjoying your Autumn tour  and keep your health […]

Fall festivals and events around the world 2020

These are some autumn destinations that is recommended for visiting during fall 2020 season, if you wish to attend one of these world-renowned festivals: Day of the Dead – Mexico –  Late October Is a Mexican holiday celebrated by Mexicans and it focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends […]

Travel Insurance – Definitions and Types

Definitions Travel Insurance is defined as an insurance type  given to people who travel, covering the losses resulting from accidents that may occur to the traveler during his travel, including payment for any medical treatment, or the loss of money and property during travel. Travel insurance is one of the most important types of insurance […]

Chinese new year’s Eve 2021

History and background of the Chinese New Year This celebration dates goes back to more than 4000 years. It is related to the rituals of the ancient worships since the creation of heaven and earth according to the Asian holy belief. Over the centuries, new traditions have been added and celebrations became more geared towards […]

Planning for a successful tour

There are many options and offers in our life one of them is tourism offers. Some people may find it confusing to plan for a tour trip, even if they already decided the destination they will travel to. Everyone dreams of a successful, safe and comfortable tour and enjoy the same benefits as the money […]

Tourism Definitions , Types and Forms

Adventure Tourism Definitions of Adventure Tourism: According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, “adventure tourism is a tourist activity that includes physical activity, cultural exchange, or activities in nature.” According to Muller and Cleaver, “Adventure tourism is characterized by its ability to provide the tourist with relatively high levels of sensory stimulation, usually achieved by […]

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