Ramadan tour and Covid-19 Pandemic

Wish you all a late Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Ul-Fitr Almubarak in advance.

Ramadan has come and now it is saying goodbye to us, we have restored many of the acts of worship and deeds that we seek to get closer to God, as in the rest of the year life occupies us a lot, and the month of Ramadan comes as a new opportunity to purify our souls and hearts. It is considered as the month in which hearts converge and moved away from every estrangement and hatred.

The issuance of our newsletter delayed this month due to our preoccupation with preparing and updating our website to appear with a new and useful theme and services that satisfy your tastes and meet your desires and requirements.

At the same time, we still advise everyone to take care and avoid crowded places, as the danger still exists, and even increases in some places, and the Corona pandemic continues to be a nightmare for everyone and thinking about it troubles them.

For the second year continuously, Muslims around the world started their blessed month of Ramadan, along with the Corona pandemic, with all its economic and social repercussions, and if the impact of the pandemic on Muslim societies during the last Ramadan was harsh, then this year it is more severe, as last Ramadan came after A few months of the outbreak of the pandemic in the world, while Ramadan came this year, and the pandemic stormed the world in every direction.

Continuing fallout:

Ramadan has come this year and many families in Islamic countries have lost their beloved ones due to the epidemic, and it is also coming with increasing happened and may families have suffered of it.

As an extension of the atmosphere of last Ramadan, the repercussions of Corona are also present and stronger this year in people’s social lives, and the blessed month of Ramadan is known in many Muslim countries as the month of family and relative feasts and gatherings, as well as the month in which Muslims gather in large numbers, To perform Taraweeh prayers at night, all of which are customs and rituals, it seems that they will not find a share this year either.

The World Health Organization has been keen to alert Muslims to the need of taking caution in expectation of continuing the risks of spreading of the virus, and within the guidelines which is issued related to Ramadan practices, the organization stressed the need to take measures of physical distancing that must be followed during prayer, group breakfast, Umrah, Social or religious events and mixing while travelling.

For the second year continuously, and considering the continuous of recording a large numbers of Covid-19 injuries, many countries have taken many of preventive measures to maintain public health, especially in this holy month in terms of customs, social traditions, rituals and religious rituals that reach their peak.

Experts expect many travel-related matters to be changed, as last year witnessed a significant increase in travel insurance policies, and lots of health test procedures, and in this year it is expected that the travel industry will build on these changes through immunity passports and many offers by Airline companies as well as travel and tourism companies.

Although video conferencing has been successful in last year, there is no doubt that face-to-face interviews are indispensable, which companies need for better communication.

That is why we see the return of employees to their offices in large numbers, especially after some breakthroughs in the field of travel and tourism, but, due to the upcoming summer holidays it is expected that travel and tourism domain will going to start some reasonable activity, so precautionary measures must be intensified to preserve public health to not to allow the virus spread further.

This means that the year 2022 is the year in which airlines and hotels can return to making profits and it may be expected that many contracts and agreements will be presented with other companies to provide best services, such as restaurants etc…

Still there will be many travel restrictions in the current year 2021, although many countries have obtained the Coronavirus vaccine, but this does not necessarily mean that the non-transmission of COVID-19 to others can be controlled.

But experts hope that the Covid-19 tests will become faster, cheaper, and available in more locations, especially at airports.

Before COVID-19, the travel industry was charging extra fees for everything like checked bag fees and resort fees, but now, tourism and hotel companies are trying to provide many inducements to encourage travel, and there are many companies that have dropped many fees on some of the services they provide, but this does not mean that these changes will last forever, as once the rooms are full again, all possible fees will be added to compensate the losses of 2020.

As for airlines, the matter is totally different because there is nothing is forcing them to do or continue to do so, but it is also seeming that there will be more new fees to compensate for the difference, such as fees related to business class.

However, experts believe it may be a great opportunity for airlines to differentiate themselves from the competition instead of competing with low-cost airlines, they hope the major airlines will see that this is the time to distinguish themselves from each other and be passenger-friendly, by offering lots of Services.

Anyway many people have discovered in the availability of the Corona epidemic crisis, and with the closure of the airports, a different pleasure in travelling to close places within two hours by car, to go out in the embrace of nature with barbecues, and to walk in the green surfaces, and these ideas is expected to affect both Travel and Airlines in general. In the holy month of Ramadan, it is preferable to avoid traveling to religious ritual places that do not abide by the precautionary measures of mosques and historical and archaeological Islamic sites, and if you decide to undertake travel and tourism tours during this holy month and the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday, you must adhere to these precautionary measures and be in caution.

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