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Name: Suhair Khan

Nationality: Yemeni

Lived in: Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt


Here’s a brief about me:


I was born in mother Yemen in a city that maybe nobody knows about. It is called Aden and it is the 1st biggest city in my country.

I am coming from a middle class and well literate family.


I worked in the field of Airlines/Aviation specifically in (Yemen Airways) doing the Commercial and Management duties. Because of my love for the Travel and Tourism, I loved my job very much so, that’s why I got the honor of completing my career in the same field as a senior consultant and Tour Articles Writer with ToursMarket which is specialized in the e-marketing for everything related to the Travel and Tourism.


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Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/suhair-anwer

Instagram: suhair_anwar_khan

About ToursMarket Blog


We all know that travel and tourism contains many and countless benefits, but, here we mention the most important points that involve wonderful benefits when doing travel and tourism:

Changing the perception of life is the experience of living with new cultures and watching different classes of society will change the perception of everyone’s life.

Develops the mind where, through taking a Tourism trip, it will break the routine of every day’s life by doing new things.

Meet new people by Travel and Tourism you will have the opportunity to meet new people, know more about their life, share your experiences with them, and gain more information while going on to new places.

Returning back to routine and life more actively After sometime away from the normal life everyone returns back to life with a lot of activity and productivity.

Through the abovementioned points, the management and bloggers of ToursMarket penetrated into the field of travel and tourism in a detailed wise and provided the most important and useful information for those who love to make tourist trips that satisfy their ambition, goals and hobbies in this regard. Which led us to provide travel and tourism lovers with a lot of information to find out what they are seeking to know before taking any step in order to achieve their goals, which will be through the closest tour package for them.

Travel and tourism is not limited just in booking a seat or a tour package for only spending beautiful times in vacations, but, the field of travel and tourism consist of many branches which maybe unknown to many travel and tourism lovers ,so we tried to modify our blog and enrich it with the related articles, information, news, events, even it is joyful or sad ,useful, religious, dark, informative, or historical, etc….

We also made the ToursMarket blog not only limited to the articles published and written by its bloggers with long experience in the field of travel and tourism, but opened the door for followers who have their own tourism experiences or tourist information for their countries to share with us and publish it in our blog under the supervision of the responsible ToursMarket Bloggers.

The main goal of ToursMarket is educational primarily and providing services secondly, by providing adequate information on all types of tourism and the updated related news, and, services through the provision of tour packages related to the different types of tourism appropriate and compatible with all interests of individuals or the groups with different levels.

By visiting the ToursMarket.tours blog you will have a good idea of what is going on in the corridors of the ToursMarket.tours sections and pages.



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